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Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer

Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer

Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer

Ian F. Hunt

RED Epic camera

Welcome to my Blog entries for all my University work, of course I’ve long since graduated and have been working in the Film and TV industry for some time now. I’ve not added to this blog for ages and just keep it going for reference, but please feel free to view my work. Best Wishes Ian. 19/08/2018

Update 11/01/2015: Graduated October 2014 with a Masters Degree, MA Cinematography for Digital Film and TV studied at Bournemouth University. Graduated June 2013. BA (Hon’s) 2.1 Digital Media Production from the Arts University Bournemouth.

Who am I? I started at studying at the local College and my career kicked off as an apprentice Electrical and Electronic Engineer, which then moved into design and building automated production and robotic systems before moving into computers and finding utter boredom. Then another move into a highly enjoyable time in Professional Theatre and Television Production as a Project Engineer commissioning Lighting Control Systems in Theatres and TV Studios around the World.

A chance meeting ushered a new career in Freelance IT Recruitment for High Technology companies working on everything from Movie FX to 3D Graphics.

After several successful years it was time for a change and I looked into going back to education but this time taking a different path not Engineering this time but instead into the Arts and Humanities. After 4 years of hard work and I admit quite a bit of fun I graduated with a BA from the Arts University Bournemouth and now I’m ready for another challenge, ideally as a Filmmaker.

Arri Alexa

Arri Alexa

I am at my most creative when behind a camera (usually an Alexa, RED or Canon C300)  whether I am shooting a video or composing a scene for a photo shoot. I am able to work within a team in most roles but prefer to be behind the camera. I have a range of skills, which means I can shoot the video, record sound and edit the completed video. My video work has included Documentary’s, Sports, Short Films, Dramas and Viral’s for Social Networks.

Uniquely my background in Engineering combined with my Degree’s in the Arts allows me to quickly adapt to new technology and apply this to my Art keeping my skills current and bringing new ideas into how I capture visuals or edit my videos. It’s hard to believe that just a few years ago we were excited by HD video capture on tape and now it’s using DSLR’s to capture digitally. Investing in hugely expensive computers to edit video and effects and now we use Laptops with even greater performance to do the same job better.

I’m also a WordPress enthusiast and have several blog installations for my Digital Media and Film work. I have a real interest in SEO and have been designing websites and social media campaigns for over 5 years now.

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