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Maya 3D Animation – Post Production

Maya 3D Animation – Thursday 2nd December 2010

Maya 3D Animation – Post Production – First Edit and Conclusions

Having an idea roughly Storyboarded now, I began to put together the small 3D sequences exported from Maya into longer sequences against a background image which I had already prepared in Photoshop.

Again I was amazed at how much time is required in order to make such a short 30 second film. Some of the applications I used created their own problems particularly in exporting the animated sequences from Maya. On many occasion previewed sequences in Maya became corrupted during the export process either losing opacity or the actual speed of the animation changed. However experimenting with the CODEC’s and Export options finally delivered an acceptable if compromised sequence.

I suspect the time required to produce the animation could have been considerably shortened if the applications and hardware worked as they should have done.

After what seems to be days (it was days) I now have a 30 second Maya 3D Animation that just required a soundtrack and a few more images from Photoshop.

Using Photoshop I added a No Swimming sign to the animation which adds to the 3D effect.



One of the key points of the assignment brief was to be able to deliver a message to children under the age of 6. My safety message was about the dangers of swimming in ponds/lakes etc.

Using a standard computer microphone I recorded my voice directly into Audacity – whilst trying to match the sequence playing on screen – which turned out to be somewhat difficult. Finally after making some modifications to the speed of delivery and the narrative itself I managed to record a short soundtrack to match the action on screen. Then using the effects in Audacity in particular starting with the noise removal effect I removed the sound produced by the computers fan and then set about modifying the pitch and speed of the recorded sound to seem more child like.

I then recorded another short sequence for the second part of the animation this time decreasing pitch to give a more adult sounding voice but still not recognisably my own.

My final addition to the soundtrack was to add some classical music (Brahms) at a very low level and set it running throughout the sequence which helps add to the continuity of the whole animation.

Final Tweaking

Although the animation works and it is my first animation using Maya and in 3D I’m not 100% happy with the quality of the animation and so I plan to use some of the time over the holidays to see if this can be improved upon. I made one immediate change by adding  another layer to the background image so that the 3D character appears to be walking in the grass rather than floating upon it.

Sweetboy Goes Swimming

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