Ian F. Hunt

Cinematographer and Filmmaker


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      1 16 19 22 3 32 RAF Hendon Sopwith Camel Bournemouth Pier Bournemouth Balloon 4 Bournemouth Balloon 9 cm-23 cm-25 Green Screen Video Shoot Honda Civic Horse Drawn Plough at The Great Steam Fair Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Canon 60D Photo 23 jaguar MGM Vegas Michael Moore Pencil Drawing mod-5587 mod-5804 mod-5810 montage OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA photo3-14 photo3-18 photo3-35 pv2 rose2 Mad Doctor & Lawrence Sound Test Subject 2 Sound Test Subject 4 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA studio1 studio11 studio2 studio3 studio4 studio5 - Ophelia Project studio7 - Ophelia Project studio8 studio9 Sunderland at RAF Hendon toby-tiger toby Toby sleeps Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 3 Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 6 Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 9 Watch Stripe Overlay

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