Ian F. Hunt

Cinematographer and Filmmaker


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      30 Bournemouth Balloon 2 Bournemouth Balloon 4 Bournemouth Balloon 9 bournemouth-holes 360 Degree Bournemouth Beach RAF Hendon - Canberra cm-21 cm-29 cm-44 cm-5 cm-60 studio11 cubes1 Green Screen Video Shoot Green Screen Video Shoot Honda Civic Moscow State Circus MGM Vegas Mirror effect mod-5582 mod-5808 Studio Montage photo3-1 photo3-12 photo3-13 photo3-26 pv6 Saling Ship Rigging rose The Mad Doctor in action Sound Test Subject 4 Sound Test Subject 5 Chris Pegg Ships Rigging Pencil Drawing stedicam5 studio10 studio3 - Ophelia Project Studio Shot - Ophelia Project studio7 studio9 studio9 studio9 theatre2 theatre3 toby Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 10 Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 12 Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 2 Twin Sails Bridge Poole - Photo 8 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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