Future Cinema – does it have one?

Future Cinema 01/10/2011

Updated 05/10/2011

Future Cinema

My first thoughts are that Cinema as we know it has a limited future, In fact it’s death is imminent. Now I do not mean Film, I just mean the concept of current cinema – large groups of people gathering together in a building, sitting in relatively uncomfortable seats watching a film projected onto a screen.

Some would say that the revolution is already here, it’s main exponent YouTube, streaming video directly to your computer, mobile device and growing in availability the connected TV, linked directly to the internet either by network cable or WiFi dongle.

For the filmmaker it’s the perfect medium for distributing your film to potentially millions of customers throughout the world. Avoiding the costs of producing a film print for each cinema, working through a distributor who take a percentage, producing a DVD and incurring distribution and manufacturing costs, the list goes on and each link in the chain takes a percentage.

How long before the Studios decide to distribute their films simultaneously both to the existing Cinemas and Stream Film Online?

Film on demand? we already have it! but what we see now is months behind the cinema releases.

You can draw comparisons with the rapidly changing Music Industry with Bands bypassing the Music Companies and reaching their audience direct through the internet. How long before the New Filmmaker bypasses the studios/distributors and distribute their own films on the internet direct to a potential audience.

In Conclusion

The current state of Cinema even with the recent addition of 3D looks to be about as good as it can get in its current format, I personally see little benefit in making any further changes in fact I expect 3D to be silently dropped as the novelty factor wears off and concerns about health begin to materialise. Headaches and dizziness are common complaints from movie goers effecting both the young and the old.

Maybe there is another kind of Cinema still able to reach a mass audience, but available within their own homes or in small groups, something more immersive and interactive, oh right it’s called a games console and millions of people already have them.

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