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Bournemouth Photo Shoot–Recce shots for the Viral Video

3rd November 2010

The team (Michael, Lee and myself) made use of the morning session to go into Bournemouth to take photographs of locations and possible routes to be considered for the shooting of the Viral Video. At the same time we identified a number of camera positions and shots which we’d like to achieve.

Whist in Bournemouth we also discussed the possibility of using some of the businesses in Bournemouth either as camera locations or to feature in the Video. One location ‘Hot Rocks’ offers an elevated camera position overlooking the Pier approach which would be ideal to film the cycles as the circle in front of the Pier. Another possible location is the Aquarium itself  – we are currently seeking permission to film some cycles as they move through the tunnel running through the Shark enclosure.

The next step is to use the photographs taken to develop a storyboard, supplementing where necessary with drawings detailing particular shots that we would want to achieve.

The recce proved to be an essential step in the development of the project helping the team to expand upon the ideas for the film and to discard unnecessary or unrealistic ideas given limitations in time, equipment  and access requirements etc.

We’ve emailed key people and departments to seek necessary permissions for filming and have had initial responses from Bournemouth County Council events department asking us to support our application using the attached forms.




Viral Video Ideas 2

26th October 2010

Group 1 – Michael Moore, Lee Tucker, Ian Hunt

Using Gorilla style filming techniques the idea is to film bicycles chasing a pedal car with a flag streaming from the back from the back of my car as it travels along the promenade at Bournemouth.

Filming to be done at night using the ambient light from street lighting. There is also the idea that the cyclists should be wearing bright costumes and possibly wearing neon style bracelets, light sticks or other flashing led lights. As the chase progresses more and more bikes join the chase, there is also the possibility of scooters joining in Vespas, a mod type scene forms behind the cycles. Interspersed there will be cut away’s of bmx style trick cycling.

There are headcam and hand-held cameras available and these could be operated and positioned on the bikes to give an alternative perspective of the chase.

The idea is to end the film with the bikes stopping at the end of the pier maybe as dawn breaks?

Key to the film will be the choice of music – soundtrack with the idea that permission may be required or alternatively choose a popular music track and risk having the video taken down if the artist requests its removal from say YouTube.

In post production the number of bikes could be increased to an impossible number using After Effects, effectively seemingly filling the whole length of Bournemouths promenade with cycles, scooters and others eg. skateboards etc.


Viral Video – Ideas

Viral Videos – you either love them or loathe them.

Personally it either has to be funny (That’s Not Silly) or extremely well crafted, planned and thought out.

A personal favourite of mine and of more than 12 million others is:-


I think this would be a good possibility for my own Viral Video, the careful selection of the music would be critical to the success or failure of the project. The inclusion of some props for example outrageous glasses maybe a false nose etc. would add a new feature to this type of viral.

Watch this space for other ideas and examples.

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