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Photoscape – Hipstamatic on the PC

Photoscape Start Page Screenshot

Hipstamatic on the PC

I’ve been a fan of the Hipstamatic photography App on the iPhone since it was first introduced and at the same time feeling left out of the fun because I did not at the time own an iPhone.

A bit of research on the Internet for Hipstamatic style image editing software, plugins and Apps I came across a number of references in Forums for an App called Photoscape. (See link to download at the bottom of the page)

Hipstamatic on the PC – In just a few minutes of downloading Photoscape I was cropping photos using the 1:1 setting creating that square photo look and then letting my imagination run wild using the Filters, Saturation, Brightness and Contrast to get that Hipstamatic look. The final touch was adding a frame from the huge list on offer to give a retro or vintage look.

Hipstamatic Look

For the picture of the boat which I think is a close approximation of the Hipstamatic Look I used the following settings:-

  1. Crop picture using the 1:1 setting which I then resized as 800 x 800 pixels for the internet.
  2. Using the ‘Bright Color’ tool I set the Hue to be +45, contrast to +100, darken to +80, saturation to +100 and finally ticked the grey tone option.
  3. I then added the Cali05 frame
  4. Finally I added backlight selecting the +200 setting which I applied twice.

Hipstamatic on the PC – It’s FREEPhotoscape App Choices

What’s really great, is that for absolutely no outlay you can still have all this fun editing your photographs because Photoscape is absolutely FREE. Even better you also do not have to own or buy a iPhone (any camera or camera phone will do) to be up and running producing your own Hipstamatic styled photos in minutes.

The only problem I have now is being able to stop myself from going back through my old photos and giving them the Hipstamatic look. On the other hand it does breathe life back into old forgotten photographs.

Photoscape can be downloaded from CNET ( or Brothersoft alternatively  click this link Photoscape to go directly to Photoscape’s homepage.

Hipstamatic on the PC – Another BonusMontage using Photoscape's Page Tool

I almost forgot to mention that Photoscape offers other features including Screen Capture, Animation among many others but one feature which I will look at in more depth in another post is Page, what this does is allow you to combine/position multiple images onto a page (Montage).  My idea for this would be to create a Photo Album which you could then printout into maybe a book format – ideal for artists needing to produce a portfolio of work for a potential customer?

I’ve added a Gallery of the images that I’ve produced using the Photoscape App, which I’m adding to on an almost daily basis – so watch this space for updates.

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Short Form Video – The Pitch Tilt Shift

Thursday 27th January 2011

The Commuter

This is going to be a Short Form Video shot in a Documentary Style inspired by Koyaanisqatsi .


I’m going to be using Tilt Shift effects to add an additional perspective to the video. Where it would be used to film groups of people; cars, trains and bicycles in the daily commute. The addition of tilt shift effect adds an element of fun to the video. The scenes of the video will take on a model like appearance, the people will seem like ants scurrying around an unreal environment bright with colour.

I’ve picked the daily commute as the theme primarily because this is the most active part of the day, the time where most people cars and trains are in motion which is needed for the tilt shift effect to be most effective.

Time Lapse

The sequence will start ideally with a Huge Faked Sunrise to set in the audience minds that it is the early part of the day, we then cut to  people waiting at a Bus Stop using Time Lapse.

  1. and as the Bus Pulls up we cut to a Tilt Shift of lines of cars headlights as they stream into Bournemouth.
  2. The next scene is another Tilt Shift view of the trains coming into the station.
  3. This is followed by a Tilt Shift scene looking down onto the Square in Bournemouth watching the people scurry around the shops.
  4. The penultimate shot will be a Tilt Shift of a line of cars tail lights as they leave Bournemouth (Shot at the same time as the morning shoot).
  5. Finally we have the scene of a commuter on a Bike with a Huge Faked Sun setting with a final close up of the rear bikes spinning wheel.

I would also like to shoot the video using a variety cameras, for example a Digital SLR, GoPro, Flip and of course Sony Z5. The GoPro might give the best result because of its wide angle lens and the HD cameras would give the best quality images for the start and end sequences which are not to be Tilt Shift. But the DSLR might work the best as this has a time lapse function which would be ideal for these sequences and they would also have the benefit of being in HD as well.

I’m still considering whether apart from a music soundtrack whether a voice over would be appropriate as well as any other soundtracks for example one of the videos above starts with an extract from a Radio Traffic Report which I think really sets the scene by establishing the time of day and that it’s the morning commute. It might be a good idea to do something similar and also at the end of the video add the evening traffic report again setting the time of day into the audiences mind that a day has passed. NB: Not 24hrs but a working day say 7:00am to 6:00pm.

Storyboard – Photographs

Ice Cream Boat - Poole Harbour

Ice Cream Boat - Poole Harbour

Customs Boat - Vancouver Sound

Customs Boat - Vancouver Sound

Street - Las Vegas

Street - Las Vegas

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