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Computer Graphics for Animation and Film – 3D Animation – Sweetboy Goes Swimming UPDATED!

This is the updated version of Sweetboy

3D Animation – idea development

I’ve been experimenting with 3D characters created in Maya and exported them using a green background (Which I set in the Cameras environment settings) and then adding this as a new layer into other live action videos. For example I added the Sweetboy 3D Character to a Sports Video and a Natural History Video just to see how it would look. Interestingly it looks exactly like the small characters you sometimes see at the bottom of your TV screen which broadcast companies sometimes use to highlight the next program or a program coming soon, anyway I digress. I did have an idea of filming a road near to a pedestrian

crossing and then using the Sweetboy character to actually appear to walk across a real road and seemingly to dodge cars and get squashed at the last moment by a cars wheel. Then run the animation again but this time with Sweetboy using the Pedestrian crossing to cross the road safely, which of course could be used to deliver a road safety message to children.

One of the characters I developed was of a Sun with a face (Saw this on a children program recently) and I thought it would be a useful experiment to see how a separate 3D character would work in the same scene and so I added this to the Sweetboy animation. This turned out to be a relatively simple if time consuming operation and leads me to think that other characters with their own individual characteristics  could also be added, for example some rabbits and frogs hopping around the bottom of the animation just to give a greater visual appeal.



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