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Cross Platform Practice, “Finale”


New video, “Finale” the 10th and final video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”Meet Bun

One of the key stages in the cross platform project goes live for the first time with the public release of the final Video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”, a series of 10 mini episodes each 30 seconds in duration which will be shown on screens of local Bournemouth Buses.

Marvo’s Grand Tour reaches it’s “Finale” Sulky Rabbit is forgiven and meets Bun for the first time.Sulky Rabbit and Bun

As Marvo magic’s his new Rabbit, Bun from the hat Elaine points to Sulky Rabbit who is sporting a plaster from his recent interview on Magic News Radio and the incident of the attack on the Radio Presenter.

Marvo is inclined to forgive Sulky Rabbit and the two rabbits are produced from the hat. Sulky Rabbit meets Bun and it’s love at first sight and Elaine and Marvo are reunited and everything is happy again in the world of Magic. The Grand Tour ends on a happy note.

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