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Cross Platform Practice, “Sawing in Half”

Sawing in Half

New video, “Sawing in Half” the 9th video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”Sawing in Half magic trick

One of the key stages in the cross platform project goes live for the first time with the public release of the 9th Video from “Marvo’s Grand Tour”, a series of 10 mini episodes each 30 seconds in duration which will be shown on screens of local Bournemouth Buses.

Marvo’s most ambitious magic trick yet the “Sawing in Half” and it’s embarrassing conclusion.Sulky Rabbit bad bunny

Elaine is worried as Marvo flourishes an enormous saw in preparation for his ambitious sawing in half trick. All seems to go as planned until Marvo attempts to separate the two table halves. As he struggles to pull the table and the two halves of Elaine apart he notices some movement under the cloth. There he finds Sulky Rabbit determinedly holding the table together sabotaging another of Marvo’s tricks.

Cast and Crew (Episode 9 Sawing in Half)

Marvo: Alex Bird
Elaine: Maria Malukhina
Director: Mehek Azmathulla
AD: Sagar Srivastava and Norman Gregory
Producer: Jack Fairey
PA: Mehek Azmathulla
Cinematographer: Ian F. Hunt
Editor: Scott Loitsch
Written by: James Cottle and Katie Dowling

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