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documentary pre-production

Documentary ‘Weymouth Bay’

Today I will begin filming the final stage of the ‘Weymouth Bay’ documentary, the last piece in the jigsaw by interviewing a representative from Natural England. I now have a tried and tested method of conducting interviews a formula that works. I’ve worked out that it is best not to ask open ended questions as these tend to produce answers that firstly go on too long and therefore need careful editing in post production or secondly they generate the wrong answer that wanders away from the key points of the interview.

Interview Questions

Natural England ‘Weymouth Bay’ Coastal Access

  1. Introduce yourself and your role regarding this project.
  2. How big is your Project Team
  3. Are they employed/volunteers or a mix of both
  4. What did they work on for the Weymouth Bay sectionRufus Castle
  5. What has been the single most satisfying part of the project
  6. What has been the single biggest challenge (Not Political – infrastructure, weather, deadlines etc.)
  7. What is the single most significant benefit to the Public from this project
  8. What is the single most significant benefit to Local Business from this project
  9. What level of feedback are you getting from the General Public – is it positive?
  10.  What level of feedback are you getting from local Business – is it positive
  11. In as few words as possible how would you summarise this projects success.

Natural England Interview SHOT LIST

  1. Mid shot – from side with interviewee on the right of the screen (Majority of Shots will be like this – do not vary the distance?)
  2. Close up – of Face repeat questions 1 and 5Portland Museum
  3. Extreme Close Up – of eyes repeat of question 11
  4. Extreme Close Up – of Lips repeat of question 11
  5. Close Up – of Hands repeat question 11
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