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DRAMA “Choice” drama short film



Filming: 25th to 26th March
Director: Beatriz Delgado Mena
Location: Student House in Winton
Camera: Canon C300
Lenses Used: Canon 24mm and Canon 50mmBokeh

After a test shoot I decided that the best lenses for the shoot would be the 24mm and maybe the 50mm mainly due to the location and light levels. On the actual shoot I rarely had reason to move away from the 24mm lens as I was shooting hand held for all the shots it was just a matter of moving the camera closer for close ups and shot variations. The only time I changed lens was when I wanted to reduce coverage and avoid the crew and kit appearing in the scene.Tree Syringe

Day before the actual shoot the Director sprung a major change to the lighting setup, which while I was initially sceptical about having filmed something similar before using rapidly changing lights, which really did not work on this occasion worked really well. I think this was due to the relaxed changing of the colours whereas on the other shoot they were changed too quickly.
Blue Man
In addition to the main lighting setup I added 2 practical lights, the Christmas Tree and an angle-poise lamp on the table (fitted with a red gel) to specifically light the gun. I expected to get the Bokeh effects from the tree lights and I used this to bring into focus the syringe hanging from the tree in one scene. Red ManThe Directors choice of lighting was inspired by the 2009 film Enter the Void. We made cardboard gel holders and assigned crew to rotate the different colour gels in front of a window recesses litepanel led light changing colour in sequence every 5 seconds to simulated an external neon sign. Setup a DEDO Light in the windows recess fitted with a blue gel to simulate moonlight or streetlight illuminating the wall at an angle. I also positioned a DEDO in the doorway to replicate the same moon/streetlight coming from a hallway window. Finally in the final scene a red gelled litepanel was set into the hallway space for the exit scene highlighting a message on the wall.
Dramatic Exit
Used depth of field changes, dutch angles and hand held camera movement to add interest to the scenes and represent the actors mindset in this performance. Stood on Peri cases to give height to the camera, particularly when the actor was sitting or laying on the floor. In 2 scenes positioned the camera on the floor for dramatic framing which worked particularly well for the final scene as the actor exits through the doorway.

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