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DRAMA “The Man Who Fell”

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The Man Who Fell
Gas Mask
Filming: 4th and 5th March
Director: Kelly Soulioti
Location: My Garage
Camera: Panasonic AG AF101
Lenses used Voigtlander 28mm F 0.95; Nikon 20mm F2.8

Shot mainly on tripod either fixed or loose head. Some shots handheld but not too many of these as shooting with wide aperture so focussing was problematic.
Shot the Drama in 2 halves basically because of the lack of space but also the lighting for each scene would differ dramatically from the other. I used the DEDO Lighting and 1 Litepanel led light for the real time scenes and used the Litepanel LED Lighting for the recorded or Hologram scenes.Close Up Face Staring

The Voigtlander was used in the main fitted with a Cokin Filter Holder. I used the Blue gels in the kit for 2 of the Litepanel the other without. I also fitted the Panasonic with a filter holder and Cokin filter Blue 20A. For the opening scene I used a Cokin MASK 345A and operated the aperture from fully closed to fully open to create the iris effect.

Team Notes.
Worked really well as a team. The shoot progressed really quickly and by the end of the day some 84 shots were achieved. Space was very tight but with careful planning and everyone positioning themselves to be most effective this did not cause too many problems.mputer Hologram Interface Sound was an issue there was a mysterious technical fault where an electronic buzzing was heard particularly loud near the lighting, so we guessed interference but we discovered that by just touching the microphone this buzzing would go away for a while.

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