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English – Assignment: Write a Speech on behalf of a Charity


This is an appeal on behalf of Actionaid

  • CLAP –  That’s 1 dead
  • CLAP –  2 dead
  • CLAP –  That’s 3 dead
  • In our World – a child dies every 5 seconds from HUNGER
  • According to the World Health Organisation – HUNGER is the single greatest threat to WORLD Health.
  • HUNGER the killer that’s greater than any disease – greater than CANCER.
  • HUNGER the single greatest contributor to child mortality.
  • Today, more than a billion people are hungry – over Six million children die of HUNGER every year that is 17,000 children every day
  • HUNGER makes them weak – they become at risk from disease – they live in poverty – there are no medicines and so they die.
  • You’ve all seen the pictures – The Walking skeletons – skin stretched across bone – sitting in the dust of despair – waiting for the relief that never seems to come.
  • In Malawi – Emergency Food Aid was needed by 5 Million of its 13 Million HUNGRY inhabitants.
  • Yet all is not lost – with our continued HELP and the HELP of others Malawi produced a record breaking harvest in 2006 and again in 2007 and now sells more food to the World Food Program and the United Nations than any other Southern African country.
  • HUNGER is not just limited to the African continent – in fact Asia has more than twice the number of people who just do not have enough food.
  • It is an unacceptable fact that there is no region in the World that does not have this problem – those people who live in poverty and live with the risk of starvation. This includes the developed countries where it is estimated that as many as 15 Million people suffer HUNGER.
  • YOU can HELP them. (POINT)
  • YOU can MAKE a difference. (POINT)
  • Save a child from HUNGER today – sponsor a child through Actionaid for less than 50 pence a day, that’s less than the price of a packet of crisps a day – save on calories and more importantly HELP save a child’s life.
  • Not only will you HELP save a child but your continued sponsorship will HELP us to fight poverty. Enable farmers to buy tools, irrigate their fields and grow more food – bringing an end to HUNGER for an entire village.
  • Remember in just the short time that I have been talking to you over 30 children have died from HUNGER.
  • CLAP that’s another one.
  • CLAP and another.
  • CLAP and another.
  • Act now – and save a child from HUNGER today – see our website for details –

Thank you

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