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Future Cinema – The Film Pitch

Future Cinema – The Film Pitch

Technology will have an effect on Future Cinema at some point but I want to talk about a change in storytelling – The Film Pitch.

Instead of going from cause and effect in a linear direction think of a 3D Maze with left and right turns. Think of a story progressing along different paths/choices that change the direction that a story will take, but unlike a typical Maze all choices will eventually lead to the centre or at least a centre and the stories conclusion. Some people will make different path choices to others and so these people will have a different Cinematic experience from the others by taking a different path through the maze.

Take this analogy further and actually project the images onto the Mazes walls, this way the audience can travel with the protagonists in the story following them through the twists and turns of the Maze and the story towards its conclusion.

You have seen an example of this if you’ve ever been to a theme park where images on a wall encourage you to move along towards the start of a ride. They loop and as you move further along these images are replaced by new ones also encouraging you to move along but if you turn around and look back you can still see the previous images, continuously looping and encouraging the people further back in the queue to move along.

In Conclusion

My idea is to create a story with multiple directions leading to a conclusion but not necessarily the same conclusion. An example would be a scene played out in a courtroom where there are two possible conclusions, guilty or not guilty, for one the story shows the defendant going to jail the other shows them being released.

Now take this story and project it onto the walls of a maze and then leave the story choices to the audience.

What Now

This is my idea for a Future Cinema project but as a group we have decided that we are going to be working on an immersive audio experience combining Binaraul Sound with 5.1 or Surround Sound as it is more familiarly known.

Binaural Sound Recording Project

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