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Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer

Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer

Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer.

Ian studied BA Digital Media Production at the Arts University Bournemouth. Project and written work for everything related to my studies on the Digital Media Production course delivered at the AUB 2010 to 2013 – Arts University Bournemouth

Postings for idea development, project details and research I have conducted in order to produce a Media artefact or project for the Digital Media Production course at the AUB. All my current year Blog postings for this course are in the Menu headings AUB/AUCB Year 1 & 2. I’ve created a new YouTube Channel to form part of my Extended Major Project for the final year of my Degree. Sports Edge Video Productions is designed to host the Sports Videos I am creating in partnership with Aleksandra Leontyeva and with the Free Your Fitness Project. Subscribe to this Channel for latest videos and updates throughout 2013.

All Blog Postings for the 3rd year are in my new BA Blog at 

2009 – 2010 Access to HE. Media Studies –
Bournemouth and Poole College

Ian Hunt Digital Media Designer – archive of all the Access to HE. Media Studies. Blog postings and reports on Media artefacts or research and analysis that Ian completed while attending Bournemouth and Poole College – studying Access to HE – Media Studies and Journalism. All these posts are archived under the Category BPC and also categorised separately as Media Studies, Film Studies, English and additional sub categories under the main category listing BPC.

Personal Portrait – Scanning Photos

Stop Frame Animation – Animation Research

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