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iPad 3 – The New iPad (March 2012)

iPad 3 – The New iPad

iPad 3 – Out of the Box

So the iPad 3 arrived on the 16th March 2012 to much expectation. Powered it up and went through the initial settings including iCloud options, put in my Apple account details and off we go. Almost immediately the screen begins to fill with the Apps that I bought for my iPhone 4S. The iCloud feature is very impressive syncing Apps, Photos and everything else I wanted. The only sticking point with iCloud is my MacBook, Pro which is still running Snow Leopard so no syncing possible between the iPad and this yet until I upgrade to Lion.


iPad3 The New iPadSo what about the iPad 3, well it’s surprisingly heavy the screen is amazing, if you’ve got the iPhone 4S then it’s just a larger version of that, you really cannot see pixels it’s just that good a resolution. The test for this is the iPhone 4S Apps set these to 2x size and they still look good. Watching HD video with its smooth perfect playback and with vibrant colour.

One big surprise there is no Siri, I really expected to see this on the iPad but maybe that’s to come in the next OS update.

2012 Yet another New iPad (iPad 4)

OK this hacks me off and probably a lot of other buyers of the so called New iPad 3 arrived in March this year, which they’ve already updated. The iPad 4 comes with a processor twice as fast as the iPad 3’s. Previously we could rely upon Apple updating every 24 months now we can’t so who wants to spend a significant amount of money only to see the device you bought made obsolete in less than a year. So my advice to everyone is do not buy until there is a significant technology leap.

This to me would mean a tablet half the weight 4 x faster and with the ability to upgrade the memory with an SD card or similar. Oh and I want stereo speakers at each end of the tablet and I want a USB 3 port. So Apple remember your customers must come first either make it cheaper and upgrade often or wait until you’ve got a significantly better offering before updating. By the way I’m no longer buying based on prelaunch hype its got to prove itself in the market and with reviewers before I commit in the future, so the iMac upgrade purchase is on hold for the time being.

Update December 2012

I’ve updated my MacBook Pro to Mountain Lion, now all my Apple devices are linked through iCloud. Which is great although sometimes when an email or other notification comes through all the devices announce its arrival simultaneously, which really annoys sometimes if they are in the same room. The other negative is that you really are now never out of contact, whether it’s the iPhone, iPad or the Macbook.

I’ve used my iPad for a HD Video project – details can be found in this Blog linkiPad Makayama Movie Mount


iPad3 HD Video


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