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New Perspectives for New Contexts – Introduction

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Hockney iPad

Fig 1.0 Hockney iPad

iPad Artists

David Hockney, surely England’s most celebrated living artist has embraced the latest in new digital technology; for it is his use of the Apple iPad and iPhone replacing the traditional sketch book in the creation of his latest Artworks that inspire me to ask the question is this finally ‘The breakthrough in the acceptance of Digital Technology by artists of Fine Art’

To quote Hockney he says, “At first you think it’s a bit of a novelty, it took me a while to realise it’s quite a serious tool you can use. And it took me a while to get skilful on it. Skill is practise. It’s not just a novelty. I realised this is a clever tool you can use.”
He added: “The iPad is very very direct. I would point out [that] Turner used watercolour because it was a quicker medium than oil-painting so you could quickly get down more fleeting effects. If you find a medium that’s even faster than that any artist is going to be interested in it.
“It’s a very serious medium. It’s just a newer one and it affects the way you do things.
“You couldn’t have had impressionism without the invention of the collapsible tube so you could take paints outside. Technology affects things all the time and it certainly does pictures. I follow it; I follow that aspect of technology. And I’ve no doubt it is a marvellous new tool.”

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