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Personal Development – Ian Hunt Artist and Designer?

Artist and Designer

Tuesday 16th November 2010

Ian Hunt Artist and Designer

I’ve noticed in many discussions in publications and on the Internet that this question (Artist and Designer) is not easily answered. I suspect this is due in some respects to the growth of New/Digital Media where in many cases you need to be both an Artist and Designer in order to deliver on a project.

Firstly you need to be an Artist in order to be able to come up with the original concept, an element of originality, but then in order to implement the concept you will need to have a range of skills which typically reside in the domain of the Designer.

The question is so how do I fit in? Artist and Designer, well that’s easy I’ve always thought of myself first as a Designer but hopefully with some Artistic ability.

Creative Control – Artist and Designer

As a designer creative control maybe limited to implementing the vision of an Artist, but in many roles in the Digital Industry the role of Designer/Artist is a combination of the two and so the Designer has creative control within the limits of the design/client brief, after all the client pays for the design and so they will have ultimate creative control.

I’d better qualify that last statement, the client has some creative control if they commission the work. But of course if the Artist/Designer creates and then sells on completion then they had creative control.

A role in the Digital Industry – Artist and Designer

Too early to decide? Artist and Designer – personally I think so, over the next three years I should be able to determine what I find interesting as the Artist and Designer, what I have skills/aptitude in and from this make a decision on a future career choice.

But one thing that I think I have already decided is that, after working on a freelance or self employed for the last 25 years it is unlikely that I would seek employment on permanent basis on PAYE . So my next role will be as a freelancer or I will start a new business or take an existing business in a new direction. Of course the ideal role may come in which case this statement will remain open.

Artist and Designer

Artist and Designer


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