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Personal Portrait

Wednesday 3rd November 2010

Personal Portrait  – Montage

Personal Portrait - Photo Montage

Personal Portrait - Photo Montage

We continued to work on the development of the personal portrait in class today.

Following on from my work earlier in the week  and armed with my Photoshop Montage I looked at importing the images into Adobe Premiere Pro in order to investigate how I could develop my still images into a moving image. By experimenting with the import options, I tried something new, at least for me by importing the complete Photoshop PSD file as a  sequence. I was gratified to see that when the entire PSD with all it’s layers were imported each layer was assigned separately and in sequence to the workspace. I’d only imported merged layer images previously, having control over the individual layers offered much more options for video transitions.

This would make the design much simpler as I’d be able to work on the individual layers but as they had been imported in the planned sequence the final image/montage would be achieved just by running this sequence. The effect that I wanted to achieve could be done by applying a Transition to each individual layer.

Personal Portrait – next steps

I already had some idea of how I wanted the film to progress, I wanted to show how the entire image was made up of individual layers/images and how they all come together to make up one big picture just like a Jigsaw puzzle. I positioned each layer roughly in time sequence onto the video tracks, offsetting each video tracks starting position by a few seconds. I continued to do this until all the layers were added and then played it. The result worked but was somewhat boring as each individual image popped into existence as the film progressed. It was obvious that some kind of effect was needed at the beginning of each track as it started.

After experimenting with a number of 3D Transformations I settled on ‘Spin In’ as the most effective. Each image would now appear from the centre and spin to it’s position in the Montage. I was really pleased with this initial result and could see that with further development and refinement this would be a very effective video sequence which could either stand in its own right or could be included in a longer video sequence with more elements to be even more effective.

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