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Personal Portrait – Scanning Photos

Personal Portrait

Saturday 30th October 2010

Sourcing Photographs – Personal Portrait

Ian Hunt - Personal Portrait 2010

Ian Hunt a Personal Portrait

Raided the family photograph albums looking for pictures to use in my self portrait project.

I was not only looking for pictures of myself for the Personal Portrait but also photgraphs of things that have a personal interest or photographs showing activities. These proved to be somewhat more difficult to find as unlike today where even the mobile phone has a good quality camera built in and is always to hand, just ten years previously you needed to carry a camera and send your films away for processing.

For the best part of four hours I laboriously scanned each photograph in turn and then individually rotated and then cropped each photograph before saving for further processing on my hard drive. Then from over 200 photographs I identified about half that number which I could use.

I then set about using Photoshop to rework the chosen photographs, removing backgrounds and any defects caused by the scanning process or when the photograph was taken originally on film.

Whilst working through this process I was inspired to try my hand at producing a Montage of these images. Being very pleased with the initial results I made the decision that this is the way that I think this project should progress forward in developing my Self Portrait and so rather than any of the previous ideas I had, producing a Montage from old family photographs is the direction in which I wanted and decided to go.

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