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Photography Short Course – Using the Flash

Photography Short Course
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This was our first introduction to using Flash on the Photography Short Course.

Balloons filled with water were suspended against a dark cloth background. A stand alone flash unit with a wireless trigger was positioned above and to the right of the balloon with the camera mounted on a tripod also positioned slightly to the right.

By using a dart the idea was to trigger the shutter just as a thrown dart bursts the Balloon.Water Balloon burst with a dart

The pictures above show the result of those I caught as they burst however there are many more pictures of intact Balloons and darts yet to touch the Balloon. What I learned from this simple exercise is timing and of course typical settings for using Flash to capture moving objects – to freeze a moment in time.

I also found out how good the basic Flash fitted to the Canon is at doing something like this – some of those pictures are taken using the cameras flash and some using an external flash unit costing £100’s – can you tell which is which?

I’ve limited the editing to cropping only using Lightroom 4, which can be downloaded as a 30 day trial version from Adobes website.

Camera Settings – Canon EOS 60D

None of these settings are set in stone but these seemed to give the best results.

  • Camera set to Manual
  • White Balance set to Flash
  • Shutter Speed 1/200
  • Aperture set between F8 to F11
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