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Post Production Techniques – A look at AE and Green Screen

Sunday 6th February 2011

After Effects – Green Screen and Tracking

Morning tutorial on After Effects, Green Screen video footage and background removal. I’m finally getting to grips with After Effects and can actually be confident with background removal using Keylight 2.1 a very handy plugin which seems to work much better than the other methods of background removal available in AE.

We also had a look at tracking which I will go into more on another Blog entry.

In the afternoon session we setup the Greene Screen and learnt the techniques for lighting the screen and a subject in front of the screen. Thanks to a an earlier exposure to green screen I knew most of this but the use of a light meter hadn’t come up before.

I shot the footage below using my Flip camera, it’s a bit shaky because there was no tripod available at the time but it’s good enough to get the idea of the setup. The second video clip is the same footage after the background was keyed out. I used Masks which I had to key to the movement as the subject moved. It’s not perfect because the subject moved out of the area of the green screen at some point and my camera position changed part way through, but on the whole for an improvised session it worked well enough.

Video before AE
Video after AE

Research – Hostage Film Title Sequence – Very Similar to Sin City?

I like the dark graphics with the coloured text the mix of black and colour. I might look at this for another title project if there is time as it looks like it might be interesting to do something similar.

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