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PPRD2 – Reflective Writing Exercise & Questionnaire

Personal Planning, Reflection and Development 2

Reflective Writing Exercise
Anonymous – Message to the American People

A parody of the film V for Vendetta released in 2006 by James McTeigue.

The central character of this YouTube video using the same mask as the central character in the film, which is now a symbol for revolution and rebellion against government and corporations around the world. The videos style simulates a CCTV broadcast image with simulated lines that were a feature of television broadcasts displayed on old vacuum tubed televisions. The narration disguised and generated electronically, two voices in unison. The screen character wears no hat but there is the outline of one simulated and which is similar to the one worn by the films character V. The symbol in the top left of the screen very similar to the one used by the United Nations suggesting that they should be considered in parallel a United Organisation against the establishment.

The whole video seems to represent a professional organisation but at the same time generates a feeling of menace throughout, the semiotics in the message designed to do just that. We are anonymous; we are watching you, big brother all these messages are in this video. This is a warning directed against the establishment, we are watching you and will react based on what you do next. The two voices one female the other male confuses but could also suggest gender is not a factor or could be seen to suggest this is a common message targeting both genders – in unison. This is a powerful video and instilled into me the desire to investigate what was behind this message and to attempt a similar video project myself purely for creative reasons and by it generate the same emotional response.

The Truth

This is my video, which I created in direct response to the one by Anonymous. I based my video design on an old television program called Dark Angel where a central character in the program (Eyes Only) used a similar technique to broadcast messages exposing government secrets or acts against the people. I filmed my own eyes in close up while reading from an excerpt taken from the V for Vendetta script. The visuals effects used included grain with artifacts to break up the picture, simulating a CCTV transmission. I also added a videotape position/time counter to give the video the look of a CCTV recording being played back. Another visual effect was to create the letterbox style mask so that only the eyes can be seen. The final touch was to disguise the voice, I used the Mac’s Voiceover Utility to read back the script excerpt using one of the female voice options.

While not entirely happy with the visuals, as I would have preferred to use someone else’s face for the close up. I am however happy with the overall result, the music track I’d chosen working well with the visuals to help create a feeling a of menace similar to the anonymous video. The overall message of the video is very also similar in tone to the anonymous video. Sharing a link, both with the anonymous video and with the film V for Vendetta, by using the words from the films script.

To summarise while I believe my video is not as successful as the anonymous video in creating the same feeling of menace it comes close and while I may not feel the full emotional benefit having produced the video and being aware of all the elements used in the production, to an outsider this video may have the same effect.


PPRD Questionnaire


  1. My previous work experience has included a range of roles in a number of industries but none in the Digital Media industry. However the skills and experience gained are hopefully fully transferable and will greatly benefit me when seeking employment in the Media Industry in whatever role I choose in the future. At this time I have still to decide what role this will be but in the short to long term I am seriously considering continuing in education doing a postgraduate course rather than immediately seeking employment although I will certainly have to supplement my grant by working part time. Therefore some part time work in a Media related industry would be ideal.
  2. I have enjoyed all the project work carried out on the course so far the only possible exception being the project using Maya. The projects with a Video production element have been the most interesting and I have enjoyed Post Production particularly using Premiere Pro and After Effects. Bearing this in mind Post Production work would be of most interest for a future role although that may be me just choosing the safe option, as technical challenges are something I’m very familiar with and I am used to solving.
  3. I am unlikely to consider moving out of the geographical area in the short to medium term and so I will only be looking for local work or consider setting up my own company in the local area. The type of job may be working for a Video Production company or setup my own. I have discussed this with friends and family and they have convinced me that I should consider a career in education or training, something that I had not personally thought of before but now that I have, I think I could be interested in that role particularly if it combines a technical aspect that is also of interest to me.
  4. I would like to assume more responsibility in future projects and so I would welcome project management roles. I am interested in anything technical in the New Media Industry and I continuously research these areas on a regular basis. I do however get easily sidetracked and could easily spend hours working on and solving a technical challenge not related to the project in hand. I would welcome any time spent on using Project Management tools, which I plan to do for the Professional Project Unit.
  5. I have already begun to develop a number of contacts outside of the University, unfortunately they currently all seem to want the services I can provide free of charge and so this needs addressing for the future. I know I have a problem charging a fair rate for my services and quite often offer discounts when none have been asked for. For example I have friends employed in Education who have suggested that I start a training company as they think I have the skills to train people particularly in technical subjects (Computer Related).
  6. I refer you to my answer to question one; I have successfully functioned in a variety or roles as both an individual and in a team on a project. I can liaise successfully with clients at all levels and have worked overseas, successfully overcoming language and working barriers to complete major projects on time and on budget. I have a range of core skills, which I have added to whilst at University. I consider myself a very technical individual and given time I can successfully adapt to new technologies and applications. I have run my own businesses for over 20 years and I have a range of business skills for example I’ve secured Funding for a business, setup accounting practices and employed and managed teams of people.
  7. I need to understand what if any differences there are in running a Media Business compared to the Businesses I’ve run in the past. I suspect there are many differences mainly related to the type of customer I would meet and their requirements. Although my time in the professional Theatre Industry means that I have experience of working and relating well with people in the creative industries.
  8. I have secured my own domain name and designed my Blog to act as a Portfolio of my work completed while at College and University. At some point I will develop a separate showcase of my work specifically for prospective clients to view online.
  9. In the short term my portfolio has attracted over 37,000 hits since going live in May 2011, I’m hoping this will eventually produce a work related contact, which will lead to paid for work in the Media Industry.

10. Not easy to answer this question, as I not ready to commit to a specific role in industry, for example I am seriously considering remaining in education on the completion of the course. I therefore plan to investigate postgraduate education choices.


  1. a.     Short Term

i.     Investigate postgraduate education MA or PhD courses

ii.     Employment in Education PCGE course

iii.     Part time opportunities for media related work

iv.     Setup a Media Company

v.     Seek industry awards by entering work into competitions and festivals


  1. b.    Long term

i.     Establish my name in the Media Industry

ii.     Earn a living as a Digital Media professional



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