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Principles of Computer Graphics – Idea Development

20th October 2010

Idea Development

My idea for a self portrait starts with Family and of course the Family photographic albums which are a record of my life over the decades. My idea was originally Influenced by Bob Cottons lecture and in particular of his short film representing 100 years of Media.

I decided I would look at producing a film along similar lines combining personal portraits/photographs and any videos of myself with iconic images/photographs representing major events, people and things that have directly influenced my life and which have all contributed to make me the person that I am today.

Issues I will have to address include the copyright of images that I use that have not been produced by myself. It has been suggested by Amanda that if I take the photograph myself for example of an album cover or other items representing a key element in my life this should suffice in regard to copyright.

My thoughts regarding technology are that still images could be imported into a slideshow program for example Windows Movie Maker to produce a video sequence. These individual video clips would then be in turn imported into a Video Editing application such as Adobe Premiere Pro where both the slideshow and video’s could be edited together to produce a final video sequence to which sound/music could be added.

It would be great if I could add either some kind of artistic look to the finished artefact or indeed look at some form of interactivity, although I think I’d like to save this for a future project to allow time to investigate motion tracking technology and the devices designed to track movement for example Microsoft’s new Kinect which seems to offer low cost motion tracking possibilities.

Researching and selection of Still Images

Unfortunately many of the photographs I have of myself are not in digital format and so would have to be scanned before they can be imported into the slideshow application. I would also have to obtain some photographs from other family member’s photographic albums.

Unlike the current generation especially in respect of media students where almost everyone has the
means to take a photograph or indeed video thanks mainly to the advance in Mobile Phone Technology. My generation relied on the ownership of cameras usually in the domain of enthusiastic amateurs and the processing of photographic film. So I’m finding that many key points in my life do not actually have any photographic record and indeed some decades for example the 1970’s are almost bereft of any photographs.

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