Digital Media Design


Processing and Idea Development


Processing or computer programming for the purposes of the course essentially means Java programming.

Using examples from the website; from which the program Processing can be downloaded. This is an Open Source application with several examples of Java programs from basic drawing to Video processing. The application is available for both the Windows and Mac environments.

Two alternative methods of developing programs using modules to put together processes were reviewed these are MaxMSP and VVVV. Both use similar methods to design processes to manipulate Video in many ways similar to programming in Ladder networks as used in machine control systems design.

Idea Development

Following on from the mornings processing lecture time was utilised to consider ideas for the personal portrait assignment.

I had the idea (although not a new idea) of using possibly one of the applications introduced this morning to motion track a subject moving in front of a projection screen. As they passed from left to right an image of myself would be displayed as they moved either another image or the profile of the image would change seemingly following their movement. Using a different image would allow me to say start with a picture of myself at a young age and then substitute images of older versions of me as they moved. Another idea was to pixelate in the first image as they passed in front of the screen and pixelate out the final image as they moved past the screen. The alternative is to take a series of pictures of myself at different positions corresponding to where I think the person will be standing so that my face seems to turn towards them, in effect follow them. Another alternative is to take photographs at different positions so that they see a different profile depending upon where they are standing – effectively giving a 3D effect. Finally the image could be a Maya produced 3D image of myself. (Although this may be beyond my current knowledge of Maya).


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