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Professional Project – Idea Development, Synopsis

Professional Project

Idea No1

Professional Project – The Charity Documentary, Synopsis

I have been asked by a local charity to film a documentary of the work they do in the local community. Part of the National Gardens Schemes they give practical and horticultural advice to people participating or wishing to become part of the NGS.

Every year NGS gardens across England and Wales welcome about 750,000 visitors. Most gardens which open for the NGS are privately owned and open just a few times each year. Some gardens open as part of a group with the whole community involved. The gardens give all the money raised directly to us (including from the sale of teas and plants); the only exceptions being in some cases they ask that a small proportion goes to a nominated local charity.

Japanese Water Garden

Our tradition of opening gardens of quality, character and interest is supported by our Patron, HRH The Prince of Wales.

Did you know that we currently give away more than £2.5 million each year to nursing, caring and gardening charities and we have given them a total more than £25 million in the last 15 years.

The National Gardens Scheme. Site Accessed 27/01/2012.

The central idea would be to follow and film one or more of the gardening experts as they discuss the practical aspects of their work for the charity at the same time featuring some of Dorset’s key locations, areas of outstanding natural beauty and some of the gardens that participate in the scheme. I would also like to film interviews with other key members of the charity if possible to discuss the good causes they contribute to in the local community.

Idea No2

Professional Project – The Olympics Documentary, Synopsis

London Olympics 2012

Fig 2.0 London Olympics 2012

Produce a documentary on the preparations as we countdown to the hosting of the London Olympics. Film in London key locations and attempt to show the overall state of the preparations and ideally get a Londoners view of the Olympics then contrast this with the preparations and the local viewpoint in Weymouth and Portland.

The idea would be to film landmarks that will feature as locations in the Olympics including any advertising and special arrangements specific to the Olympics in both London and Weymouth. Conduct improvised interviews with locals and ask their opinion of the Olympics and how it would personally effect them if at all and indeed if they are happy that London is hosting the Olympics or not.


This was my preferred idea for the professional project. I thought I would need to do some initial research so I planned a visit to London to make a short video of the preparations for the London Olympics. I was to be disappointed, although I visited the main sites in London, for example Trafalgar Square, Westminster Palace there was no indication at all that the Olympics were coming to London. I couldn’t even find an advertising board for the event.

However I did make this short video to practice video documentary techniques in particular Observation Mode.

Idea No3

Professional Project – The Web TV Project, Synopsis

Produce a Television Program for Broadcast on the Web. The basic concept is to produce a studio based Television Show initial ideas are for a chat show or game show.

TV Chat Show


Fig 3.0 WEB TV

My first thoughts are to produce a show that is specific to Student Life and include an element of the current political situation involving Student Fees. Ideally I’d like to include a interview with a representative of the National Union of Students or a local representative most probably the current President of the AUCB Student Union and in counter argument Politicians from each of the three main parties. In addition recordings of outside interviews with students could be introduced and the guests could view and comment on these. I’d estimate a show run-time of 45 minutes.

TV Game Show

Dartboard Bullseye

Fig 4.0 Dartboard Bullseye

It would most probably involve more time than is available be to develop a game show format from scratch so the idea would be to adapt an existing or more likely a games show from the past and update this for current TV formats. My initial thoughts would be to combine a game of skill with a question to advance to a conclusion and prize. I thought something like Darts, that is answer a question correctly and receive 3 dart throws the idea would be to get a dart into each of the numbers in sequence 1 to 20 followed by a Bullseye to win.

Web Broadcast

With a show recorded the plan would be to deliver this over the internet by streaming it initially using the Universities internal TV network and also look at delivering the program over the World Wide Web using streaming technology.

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