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Short Form Video – My Ideas for a Short Form Video

Friday 14th January 2011

Gangland by Ian Hunt


Dave, a big balding? tough looking man steps off the bus (Bus Stop) and walks up a darkly lighted street towards a small but brightly lighted Pub he pushes the door open and is immediately assaulted by the noise of people talking loudly and the music from the Juke box (or band) in one corner.

He sees his friends and walks up to the table where a seat has been reserved for him. He sits down and his friend opposite pushes a pint of beer across the table towards him.

While Dave enjoys a pint we cut away to a young man whose face we do not really see because he’s hooded, he has what is obviously a gun which he is cleaning and playing with, finally we see him load the gun and then he conceals it inside a folded newspaper. He stands and with his back to the camera he walks out of the door and onto the dimly lighted street. Mounting his BMX bike putting the folded newspaper with the gun inside his pocket, he then starts to ride on the pavement towards the pub.

Meanwhile Dave finishes his pint and takes his leave and makes his way towards the pub door when his friend calls out and offers to buy him another Pint


He declines and exits the Pub


He turns left and begins walking away from the Pub and meets the hooded guy coming the other way, the hooded guy still seated on his bike raises the hand holding the newspaper, there’s a flash as the gun is fired and Dave clutching his chest drops to the pavement, the hooded guy still on his bike looks down at him there is a second flash and Dave closes his eyes for good. The hooded guy drops the newspaper and turns and rides away up the road. (Final shot of the bikes wheel)

Alternative endings for decisions 1 and 2

1. Dave stays for another pint and we cut away to the Pub entrance where we see the hooded guy appear and look indecisively towards the Pub door until there is a noise (Police Siren) and the hooded guy turns and runs away up the hill.

2. Dave turns right and walks towards home, a car screeches to a halt beside him and 2 men get out they identify themselves as policemen and bundle Dave into the back of the car and they drive off.


For the Short Form Video the interactive element would be dropped and the shooting sequence would be filmed with the opening showing the Bus Stop and ending with the final shot of the bikes wheel.

I’d write a script for the dialogue in the pub which would inform the audience of what the shooting was all about along the lines of the dialogue in Heat and the pub scene in Harry Brown between Caines character and his only friend.


Two films spring to mind Harry Brown and Heat. Harry Brown a gritty British Film starring Michael Caine as a Vigilante seeking revenge against Drug Dealers who killed his only friend and Heat Starring Al Pacino and Robert De Niro for the scene in the Coffee House. Of course in this film the rolls would be reversed with the young wannabe shooting the established drug dealer/villain in an attempt to take over his criminal organisation, drugs market unlike in Harry Brown where it’s the young drug dealers who are taken on by the vigilante character played by Michael Caine.

Coffee House Scene from HEAT
Harry Brown
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