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Short Form Video – Actor Makeup

Actor Makeup

24th February 2011

The Reluctant Actor Makeup

Following on from Tuesdays Blue Screen tests the Group re-set on Wednesday for a full screen test and for this I had to get made up into my Tramps character.

This involved a session in make-up (Thanks to Mark) something I’ve not done before and probably do not want to do again (Please I don’t want to be an actor).

I used my Flip Ultra camera to film the make-up process which I then sped up and edited in Premiere Pro CS5.


Tramp & Homeless People Research

With cast and crew roles now set we the group know that I’m to play the Tramp. In anticipation of this I thought I’d better do some more research on characterisation by looking on YouTube for videos of Tramps and the Homeless, unfortunately it’s not a widely covered subject under that title but I did source some examples.

I also (thanks to Euan) watched a film called the ROAD for ideas. Apart from the look of the main character I didn’t really get much inspiration from this movie.

The Road Movie Trailer

I then came across more examples using Homeless as my search keyword and in particular this one caught my eye because it’s just so interesting.

Images of Homeless people and cycles

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