Maya – Creating a basic 3D Image

Friday 29th October 2010

Todays lecture covered the process for developing a basic 3D image using Maya.

The idea is to create a image using Polygons and then by using the Extrude function create a basic 3D image/characterisation which could then be used in an animation process to produce a film sequence.

I first downloaded from the internet an image which I would use as a guide/template and imported this into Maya. I then created a cube which I placed centrally on the grid. This was then sub divided to give more faces, I then selected the faces to the left of the Y axis line and deleted these effectively cutting the cube in half. Then in turn selecting faces, vertices etc. I used the extrude function to extend my original cube polygon to produce one side of a figure that is a head, body an arm and a leg. Once I had these i then used the Mirror Geometry function using the –X option to Mirror the side I had created and this had the effect of creating a complete 3D character now with two arms and two legs.

This all sounds very simple but there are many stages and clicks required even to produce such a simple design. There was also a problem initially using the Mirror function this did not appear to work correctly until the History was deleted first before applying the Mirror, without doing this the Mirror appeared to begin from the last action made which in my case was the extrusion used to create the foot.