iPhone 4S – My Favorite Apps

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S

I thought it would be a good idea to post about my iPhone 4S and how good it is for the  digital media student or for the photographer looking for inspiration.

In the short time I’ve had the iPhone 4S  I am already in love with the upgraded Camera and some of the brilliant camera Apps that I’ve downloaded from the App Store.

iPhone 4S – Camera+

Camera+ iPhone 4S App

My favourite camera App for the iPhone 4S at the moment is Camera+

The camera side of the app includes a useful digital zoom the option to select the auto-focus point and control the exposure separately by using a second finger to move the exposure point around the screen.

It includes an image stableliser a grid for positioning the subject on screen (rule of thirds) and a handy timer for that rare opportunity when you want to appear in your own shots.

The camera lacks the video option but the camera is not the real reason for buying this App it’s the image editing features that really sell this app.

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Camera+ Edit Mode

So you take your photo then edit the same photo in the camera; for example maybe improving the Clarity, cropping the photo – maybe giving it that popular square look, followed by adding one of the many effects  as well and finally adding a frame. The other good news is that the editing features are not only limited to the photos that you take but you can apply them retrospectively to photos in your camera roll and the other albums on your iPhone.

The final plus point is the ability to upload to Facebook or share on Twitter so that your photo creations can be immediately available for view on the Social Network of your choice.

This iPhone 4S App was on sale when I bought it less than £2.00 and most probably would still be a bargain at double that price.



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More iPhone 4S using the Camera+ App Example Images can be found on my Facebook Albums