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Future Cinema – Audio / Film Script 1st Draft

Future Cinema – film script

Film Script – Mental Health by Ian Hunt

Script & Shot List.
Dr Alexsandra

Dr Alexsandra

The story takes place in a Hospital (Mental Institution). The patients eyes are heavily bandaged and he’s strapped to a chair, he can only hear the bustle of a Hospital Ward and passing footsteps walking up and down the corridor, past his door. Night comes and the sounds begin to die away as he starts to drop off to sleep.

Suddenly he’s wide awake, woken from a fitful sleep by the sound of screaming by his Right Ear, the screaming  suddenly cuts off with what sounds like a very final gurgling sound. This is followed by a deeply menacing silence, which is broken only by the sound of a single pair of footsteps walking towards his door, the door opens quietly and someone, a women, wearing high heels comes into the room and walks to the left side of his chair.


The sound of excited breathing as a heavily accented female voice whispers closely into his Left Ear

Left Ear: Hello I’m Doctor Alexsandra, How are you feeling – no don’t answer
Sound of the Doctor moving from Left to Right across the back of the patients head (again the sound of heavy breathing – the sound of those high heels)
Right Ear: She says – one of the patients has escaped; when I say escaped the patient could have been released from the secure unit and there been a few accidents in the other Wards – you must of heard the screaming?
Sound of the Doctor moving from Right to Left passing across the front of the patients head (same heavy breathing – and those high heels)
Left Ear: She says – I’m afraid the escaped patient was last seen coming this way and I expect he’ll be here very soon, in fact as soon as he has (She pauses as if in thought – 1 second pause) finished playing with (Doctors voice moves closer) his last victim.

Right Ear: The sound of another scream which again suddenly cuts off
Right Ear: This is followed by the sound of heavy footsteps walking towards the door, but something is wrong, the footsteps are uneven one foot appears to be dragging behind the other.
Left Ear: Ah I hear him coming now (she pauses for 1 second) he’s such a good patient of mine, he’s been so helpful with my little experiments
She Moves from Left to Right
Right Ear: Of course not everyone agrees with my methods – (Doctor moves closer to the ear and whispers) the hospital management were so wrong to criticise my methods, threatened to stop my funding, threatened me with dismissal, but no matter now they are no longer a problem to me if Lawrence has carried out my orders correctly (She laughs).
Right Ear: Sound of the door crashing open, simultaneously followed by the sound of a distant rumble of thunder

(Note this is the first visual of Lawrence standing framed in the doorway, he’s wearing a white coat and holding an enormous kitchen knife in his right hand with the coat sleeve drenched in blood up to the elbow, this is lighted only by the flashes of Lightening (using Lees Strobe))
Right Ear: Good Lawrence is here – now we can begin.
Doctor moves from the Right to Left
Left Ear: Now I am free to continue my medical experiments – the mind so – complex, how the mind copes with pain and the fear of pain, (she pauses 1 second) let us see (pause 1 second) Yes 10 fingers and of course 10 toes.
Doctor moves from Left side to the Right
Right Ear: She says loudly – come in Lawrence don’t just stand in the doorway (Doctor moves closer to the patients ear and whispers) we have work to do (she laughs)
Sound of Lawrence limping into the room, passing in front of the patient, from the Right to the Left
Right Ear: She says – Lawrence that knife is dirty, why don’t you clean it first (Doctor moves closer to the patients ear and whispers) after all we don’t want to give our patient an infection now do we (laughs again)
(Second visual of Lawrence wiping the bloody knife on his left sleeve)
Right Ear: She says – I’d give the knife a sharpen as well while you’re at it Lawrence
Left Ear: Lawrence says – YES Doctor
Left Ear: There is the sound of a steel being rapidly drawn up and down the kitchen knifes edge.

(another visual of Lawrence – but just showing the knife and sparks from the knifes edge – produced either using After Effects in Post Production

or maybe real spark effects produced by using carborundum stone to sharpen the knife)
Right Ear: The doctor says – A small cut from here to here to start maybe (voice starts very close to Right Ear then moves around the neckline and ends very close to the patients Left Ear.)
Left Ear: No – (pause 1 second as if in thought) – that would be too quick hmm, I’ve changed my mind – (she moves to Right Side)
Right Ear: Lawrence let us begin (pause 1 second) Lawrence lets start with one of the little fingers shall we (she laughs)
Left Ear: Lawrence says ‘YES Doctor’ followed by the sound of the knife falling, cutting through to the arm of the chair.
Central – The sound of the patient screaming


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Moving Image – Short Film Script ‘Homeless’

Short Film Script

Short Film Script based on ‘Childhoods Hour’



Peter:              A 30+ homeless man and alcoholic looking at an early grave

Ann Charity worker caring for the homeless.

Opening Scene 1

‘Outside scene homeless man sitting on a step in front of a doorway’

(mid wide shot)

Peter a recently homeless man (not too disheveled) sits on a step drinking from a bottle in a brown paper bag or supermarket plastic bag. (Turn a Tesco Bag inside out.

(move to close up)

He looks directly at the camera and begins to talk about his past life and how he got to where he is now.

Peter:               I had it all, a good life, good friends and a girl I hoped to marry and I lost it all.

I’d always enjoyed a drink, just 1 or 2 after work, I could handle it, no problem and then the Banks screwed up and ruined it for everyone.

(Even closer)

Fuck the Banks and their greed.

(zoom out – back to a close up)

That was the beginning of the end, first the job went and my girl soon followed as the drink took hold.

But I didn’t care the drink saw to that, nothing mattered any more only the drink and where the next drink comes from.

(wide angle shot of doorway)

Scene 2 ‘Outside doorway’

(A women appears and crouches down next to Peter)

(mid close up)

Ann:                Hello Peter how are you?

(reverse shot)

Peter:               I’m fine, go away, and leave me be.

(reverse shot)

Ann:                We were worried about you; you’ve not been to the shelter for weeks now.

(reverse shot)

Peter:               I said I’m fine, now go away

(reverse shot)

Ann:                You’re not fine you look ill, have you eaten anything

Peter:               I’m having breakfast now ( raises the bottle to his lips )

(reverse shot)

Ann:                Look come with me to the shelter, have something to eat and get warm

(reverse shot)

Peter:               I’m fine, maybe I’ll come along later, now just leave me alone can’t you.

(reverse shot)

Ann:                Ok Peter but come soon. (Ann looks wistful and leaves )

(close up)

Peter looks directly again at the camera

Peter:               Interfering cow why can’t they leave me be, I mean if I wanted their help I’d ask them for it wouldn’t I.

I mean it’s not if I am alone is it, Dave’s sitting right next to me he’s all right is Dave always getting the drink for me and never touching it himself.

Sometimes he does get me into trouble when he steals or begs for the drink but that’s all right. He’s a good mate is Dave.

Peter takes another drink (mid wide shot) End Scene

Scene 3 ‘Office Location’

(mid wide shot) of office Ann looks directly at the camera

(Close up)

Ann:                Peter, yes it’s very sad, we tried everything we could to help him but in the end ‘I could not awaken’ him.

It’s very unfortunate but some of them just do not want our help.

Since the Banks caused all this trouble more and more of the people we see on the streets are just like Peter.

(Even closer)

Fuck the Banks and their greed.

(Zoom out mid wide shot of the office and Ann)

End Scene

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