Short Form Video – Introduction

Tuesday 11th January 2011

The start of a new subject ‘Short Form Video’ has many common elements with the previous Viral Video project in that this will be a Video produced primarily for the online video market for sites such as; YouTube, Daily Motion, Current TV, MSN and similar. Typically the runtime of the video is 10 minutes although YouTube will now allow Videos up to 15 minutes in length.

Today began with an introduction to the Film Industry delivered by Tony Chance our Lecturer for this subject covering the typical hierarchy  of a Film Production starting with the role of the Director, the Producer the formation of a separate production company responsible for the entire film process.

We then moved onto the drawing of storyboards a hands on approach where we used a range of drawing techniques to help the non artist amongst us produce simple drawings which would be more than sufficient to inform the production team of the elements involved in each shot. A new idea to me was the use of Maps to  show the what is expected in each scene the positioning of cameras and the type of shot required. In the example shown a single map was used to show the position of 3 camera locations and the shots required. This seemed to be particularly suited for an action scene.