My first Interactive Video

Wednesday 15th December 2010

First let’s start with an apology the film features myself wearing a dodgy hat; in close up, poorly framed but in glorious 1080p HD.

YouTube provides the facility of adding annotations to its Videos and these can have links to websites or in this case other videos. This instantly allows the filmmaker to add interaction to their videos. By interaction I mean provide the audience the option to say choose an alternative narration for example a different ending to a video or a link to more information or a menu with even more options.

What I’ve produced is  very short film introducing the idea of interactivity with two possible endings. I’ve added 2 quotes to the first video sequence and linked these in turn to two other videos which are selected by clicking on one of the quotes by doing this one of the two video sequences is selected. I’ve added a return to each of the possible ending videos so that the viewer can go back and test the alternative choice.

Interactive Video Yes or No?

Choose your ending