iPad 3 – Favourite Apps – Paper 53

iPad 3

iPad 3 and Paper 53

Paper 53 (actually its the Paper App – designed by FiftyThree) is just what the doodler in me needs. I’m sure Artists will love it as well but for me it’s just the ability to quickly sketch something out on my iPad and then be able to share it instantly that makes it such a useful App.Paper 53 - Journal as Flipbook Paper 53 - Journal Paper 53 - Canvas (Lite Version)

It’s perfect for drawing storyboards and layouts and then to be able to either show these on the iPad in a flipbook style by flipping through the pages of the journal or share online (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr), email or just save it to your Camera Roll.

Animators should download for this reason alone. I’m not sure if the designers expected anyone to use their App this way but it works as a means to quickly flip through storyboards or frames from an animation quickly to see if the concept works as a sequence. There might be better Apps for animators to do this but you can download the lite version for free to try and if it works for you then you can upgrade – or not if the basics are good enough for your needs.

The lite version will have the basics to get you started but I bought the essentials upgrade which costs £4.99, which adds a range of tools. You can buy them individually but to get them all its worth paying the £4.99.

You can draw with your fingers but there are tools you can use such as a Stylus but in particular there’s the POGO Connect  a Bluetooth connected stylus that allows you to draw different line widths depending on the pressure you apply.