Performance Video – Modul8


The Plan – using Modul8

The more I think about the Performance Video project the more I think we should be concentrating on the Performance aspect rather than the technology used to produce our concept. With this in mind I began looking more closely at the Technology already available to us. I came to the conclusion that by basing the entire project around some VJing software (Modul8) that can interface with a midi musical instrument and apart from some programming, essentially the technical part of the project is complete.

The idea to this approach is based upon the Ophelia summer project I worked on with Samantha Else and Michael Moore see the Ophelia Blog entries for details and video below.



This would allow us to concentrate on producing the videos, the sound quality and possibly identifying a suitable location to project our videos, as we all feel this project would work well projected externally on a building.

How will it work?

I’ve sketched out my idea below, essentially all we need is a Macbook Pro with Modul8 installed, a midi keyboard and a VGA projector – simple!

Performance Video - The Plan Modul8

Fig 1.0 Performance Video - The Plan Modul8

The idea is that by using Modul8, which of course will be able to interface to a projector and handle all the video output and hopefully will also be able to interpret the input signals from the midi keyboard, which will in turn be mapped to the individual videos. This is all theory at this stage as I understand from my research that Modul8 does an initial scan of midi inputs at start up and that there is no subsequent midi mapping functionality.

My previous experience of using Modul8 also makes me believe that this simple plan will be anything but simple. I fully expect there to be issues with mapping the keyboard notes to the corresponding videos. I’ve had problems with video files working one day but not the next due to CODEC choices and I suspect that the performance of the overall concept maybe limited by the performance of the technology. By this I mean will the Macbook/Modul8 be able to handle all the multiple videos running simultaneously, especially when a chord is played.

The only solution is to carry out some testing as soon as possible to see if this works, if not then another plan will be needed, one most probably using Max/Msp and Jitter.


Research Links

Modul8 is a revolutionary MacOS X application designed for real time video mixing and compositing. It has been designed for VJs and live performers. Modul8. Site Accessed 20/11/2011


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