Future Cinema – Sound Effects

Sound Effects

Following a successful conclusion to the recording tests earlier in the week we again setup in the Editing Suite to review the sound recordings for a short list to edit into the final sequence.

This took more time than we’d originally planned but eventually we had a complete set of recordings for both the 5.1 surround sound sequence and the binaural soundtrack by the end of the day. Then for the first time using the 5.1 surround soundtrack played back through the speaker systems using Logic Pro and the binaural via the output of a PC through a set of headphones. Both recordings were started in synch and for the first time we listened to the combined soundtrack.

Although not all the sound effects have been added yet we were generally happy with the result so far and decided to demonstrate it to Chris Pegg. Chris commented positively, that he was happy with the progress the group had made and with the overall project, which was a new experience for him. Chris also suggested that we test the project further by asking individuals from outside DMP to experience the soundtrack and to record their responses and feedback in order to confirm our concept and/or to make improvements.

We felt this was a good idea and immediately asked a 1st year and a 2nd year from another course to listen to the soundtrack in the edit suite. We recorded their responses on video to be included in the ‘Making Off Video Record’ which we are making in conjunction with the project as a complete record of the work, the testing and each individuals role in the development of the project.

Sound Effects

Audacity Noise Removal Filter

Audacity Noise Removal Filter

I have personally sourced some additional sound effects to go with the Mad Doctor & Pirate storyline. For example the ambient noise from inside a Hospital Ward, the bleeping of medical equipment for the Mad Doctor version and for the Pirate version the creaking of the ship, the wind and the sea. All of these will help to establish the setting for the audience, to assist with their imagination, to visualise themselves in a Hospital Ward and the Cabin of a Pirate Ship in a heavy sea.

To test the suitability of these sound effects and additional soundtrack clips I first edited together the binauaral sound recordings, taking the best recordings from each scene and cutting and pasting them together using Audacity. After I had completed this I discovered noise where there should have been silence. Using the noise removal effect in Audacity, I first recorded the ‘Noise Profile’ by selecting a 2 second sequence of the soundtrack free from effects and voices and then using this, the noise removal tool removes the noise by comparing with the Noise Profile in effect filtering it out.

The resultant soundtrack was very clean, free of any noise. I then added a 10 second sound sequence of the ambient sound taken from a Hospital waiting room and mixed onto this the sound of an EKG medical unit using it’s bleeping to link sound clips together. The final touch was to add some sound clips of a fellow student screaming and the majority of the editing was done. All I had to do then was to balance the audio levels on the individual tracks and then export the whole sequence of 6 tracks to a stereo WAV file. During the export process the 6 tracks were mixed to 2 track stereo file.

I repeated this process for the Pirate storyline version, but using the sound of a ship rocking in the sea with the wind in it’s sails. Again I exported the 6 tracks as a 2 track stereo WAV file.

I’ll post these sountracks up onto the final blog posting for this unit following the critique.

Sound Scary Laugh by Ian Hunt 1
Please note not used in the final soundtrack

What Next?

We plan to finalise the sound tracks, setting levels and balancing for the 5.1 Surround Sound channels with the additional sound effects added.

Alternative Headphone Tests

Alternative Headphone Tests

I have sourced some headphones that do not filter out external ambient sound, with these I am expecting that the listener will be clearly able to hear the Surround Sound played through the edit suite speaker systems while at the same time getting the full effect of the binaural sound recordings through the headphones. The plan is to test the setup with students from other courses and to record their reactions on video to see if the concept has worked as well as we had originally visualised.

This will be followed by the completion and editing of the ‘Making Of Video’


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