Short Form Video – 1st Video Editing, Rushes The Dailies

Video Editing

Tramps Best Day – 1st rough edit


After an initial false start when one of our locations was unavailable to us on the day of filming our group worked hard to identify a substitute location in order for filming to commence. Fortunately we found one relatively close by and so filming could beging. Cast as the Tramp I was certainly not short of advice, instruction and direction as we filmed each scene in turn.

We worked from Lee’s storyboards which we tried to reproduce as closely as possible. After two days and surprisingly hard work we completed the planned  filming.

Video Editing

As custodian of the footage on Flash Drive, I set about producing a rough 1st video edit. I used Adobe Premier Pro CS5 for editing the video sequences together, I then added a copyright free soundtrack and uploaded the video to YouTube for the Group to view and disseminate. Each member of the team could then make suggestions for improvement and to ready the video for additional editing and to reduce the video run time down to the required 2 minutes.

After viewing the 1st edit we realised that we would need to go out and film some extra footage mainly closeups and cutaways.