Website Design – WordPress on your MAC

While researching website design and dynamic web hosting for WordPress it became apparent that few hosting companies were able to offer complete support for this application. It was however, while conducting this research that the alternative of hosting WordPress on a Personal Computer or Macintosh Computer was identified as being a possibility.

In order to host WordPress the computer would need Web Server software, one example being Microsoft’s Webmatrix for the Personal Computer and the alternative MAMP for the Macintosh.

MAMP for the Macintosh

MAMP Screenshot

MAMP Screenshot

“What is MAMP?

MAMP stands for Macintosh, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. MAMP is an application you can install on your Mac which allows you to have access to a local PHP server and MySQL server. Essentially, MAMP gives you all of the tools you need to run WordPress on your machine, for development and testing purposes.”

For more information and installation procedures refer to:- download from WordPress.ORG

Download MAMP from the MAMP website download here

The installation and set-up of MAMP is technically involved, but it is covered in detail on the WordPress CODEX pages as linked above.

Once MAMP has been installed and run for the first time the default web browser will start up with the configuration settings page where it is possible to create and name a database which will hold the data for the WordPress site.

The next stage is to download the WordPress files from download here and once downloaded follow the installation instructions, which basically are unzip the download file and then drag the unzipped files into the root directory, that is the location of the site folder on the Macintosh usually /Users/USERNAME/Sites/wordpress/.

The WordPress Test SIte Running Locally on a MacBook Pro

The WordPress Test SIte Running Locally on a MacBook Pro

The next stage is to start the browser at address localhost:port/wordpress, which should be in the form http://localhost:8888/wordpress this will open the WordPress installation page. Follow the instructions on this page and the WordPress installation should be completed automatically in typically five minutes.

This should complete the process, the home page of the WordPress website design will be http://localhost:8888 and the default theme, initial pages and example posts will be uploaded.  The WordPress Website is now ready for testing alternative Themes, Designs and Plugins.

13/07/2011 Updated to latest version of WordPress 3.2 with some problems encountered, some Themes were identified as being incompatible, for example the loss of sidebars. Some Plugins required either updating or removal as they caused the website to hang. This proves how useful running WordPress can be when  run locally, testing the design and upgrades before uploading or making significant changes to a hosted WordPress website.

WordPress ORG. “Installing WordPress Locally on Your Mac With MAMP.” 12. July 2011.