Work Placement – The Agreement

Tuesday 26th April 2011

LifeStyle Computers

The Agreement: Following an in class meeting today with Liam it was agreed that I would document my work experience whilst working with my current company LifeStyle Computers over a 2 week period.crestron-touchpanel

LifeStyle Computers is a small company forming part of the TOGA Group Partnership, specialising in Network Computer Installations for the commercial and public sectors. It is also a preferred installer for John Lewis and Tesco via the Orderwork organisation.

The type of work we do is varied and can be anything from a simple home PC or MAC installation up to and including a large computer network or Media installation. We do not do as many Media installations as we’d like to do by this I mean Home Cinema systems incorporating a projector, large LCD screen and sound system all controlled by a central device such as Crestron and Lutron controls. These type of devices can incorporate control of a variety of devices including Lighting and Media Systems (MCE).