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The 30 second Viral Video

Tuesday 7th December 2010

30 Second Viral Video

With a target runtime of 30 seconds I began to work on editing together a new video sequence using the captured footage used in the full length viral video.

With such a short video runtime target I looked through the complete video footage over 7 minutes in total trimming wherever possible leaving only the key elements, action sequences, bike tricks etc. The first edit brought the video length down to  1 minute 45 seconds and so considerably more cutting was required to get down to the target of 30 seconds.

After several more passes I finally had a video sequence of the desired length. Building upon the process that I’d applied to the original edit I added lighting effects in order to raise the ambient light levels for the video sequence including trying some new effects levels and parameters which  had the desired effect but also did not blur the image as much as some of the effects I’d used previously.

After Effects

I then looked at adding more effects by processing the video sequence in After Effects CS5.

By experimentation with a number of effects by trying them each in turn I came across an effect called CC Mr.Smoothie which had a very interesting visual effect on the video (see below). I used YouTube music library to add a soundtrack to each of the sequences.

30 Second Bright Mr.Smoothie 2
30 Second Bright Mr Smoothie
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