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Video – Ophelia Project, Studio Lighting Setup

Studio Lighting Setup

Assisting MA Student – Samantha Else on her project producing a Gallery Exhibit for the AUCB along with fellow DMP 1st year student Michael Moore. The exhibit will essentially follow on from the live performance detailed in the Blog posting Green Screen – A Midsummer Nights Dream

This part of the project endeavors to immerse the audience in the mind state of Ophelia as she progresses through her madness. Samantha engaged actress Robynne Batley to play the part of Ophelia from Shakespeare’s Hamlet.

Filming in the Studio – Studio Lighting Setup

Following Samantha’s directions Michael and myself setup the Studio Lighting Setup and positioned the cameras to video the acting sequences from 2 angles, from directly in front and to one side. We used Digital SLR’s for the video recording, my personal Canon EOS 60D and one of the Universities Canon EOS 5D MKII’s.

I was slightly disappointing by the performance of the lighting equipment we used, the studio itself is an amazing space for this type of video work but the relatively low power of the lighting appeared to be absorbed by the white walls of the space. Studio Lighting Setup had to be revised to make the most of the low power lighting. This was resolved in the end by re-positioning the lights closer to the subject but even then I did notice a distinct colour change depending on the distance of the subject from the cameras lens and lighting source. I’m certain this effect could have been reduced by using say a Blond Lighting setup of at least 2KW.

White balance also became problematic in the space with lighting a mix of natural light, fluorescent and incandescent, in the end I went for fluorescent setting which was in retrospect the wrong choice but this can be corrected in post.

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(Pictures corrected for white balance)

Michael plans to combine the video footage taken from the 2 camera viewpoints in post production in order to endeavor to create a 3D image which he plans to project onto a number of blocks using video mapping and Modul8 application.

Filming on the Beach

The 2nd part to the days video filming took place on location at Bournemouth seafront where we filmed Ophelia looking out to sea and running madly between the Pier supports.

The Video sequence above was taken by Samantha using my Flip Ultra HD camera hand held, which I then imported and edited in Adobe Premiere. In keeping with the projects theme of Ophelia’s madness I decided to reverse the video clips so that the waves appear to roll away from Ophelia. I then added a musical soundtrack mixed with the sound of the waves and the voices of people on the beach. (this is for my Blog entry only and will not form part of the exhibit)

The next step in the project is to finalise the sound recording, film any additional footage that maybe required and then to actually experiment with the projection and setup of the exhibition space.

Ophelia – The SHIFT Exhibition


A short video of the projection used for the SHIFT Exhibition.



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