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Viral Video – Experimenting with Post Production

Monday 22nd November 2010

Using Adobe Premiere Pro CS4

Started a New Project in Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 and imported some of the footage from the Video Capture we began on the previous Friday.

Bournemouth – Night Bike Ride

Selected 2 clips to work on both filmed from the back of my car along the Bournemouth Esplanade from Bournemouth Pier towards Boscombe Pier. One of the video clips came from the Sony Z5 and the other from the GoPro, the initial idea was to try and improve upon the clarity of the video as both were filmed in low light conditions and initial viewing suggests that the available light was insufficient really but we hoped we could improve on this is in post production.

Initial results on the GoPro footage was disappointing as despite attempts at introducing brightness to the video had so little effect and added no real benefit. Therefore I’ve decided that in the few instances where street lighting was sufficient to illuminate the cyclists we have to discard most of this footage from the film. However the footage from the Sony Z5 was significantly better and with just a minor amount of Lighting Effects added in Post the footage in it’s majority I felt could be used in the film. In fact I think that it could be used without any real editing this would give approx. six minutes of excellent and continuous video.

Soundtrack – choices

I also took the opportunity to try a number of different audio tracks with the video footage and determined that the original specification of using Camille Saint-Saéns and The Carnival Of Animals ‘Aquarium’ to be an excellent choice. I also thought that the footage also worked surprisingly with a number of Heavy Metal and Rock tracks including ‘Hash Pipe’ by Weezer and ‘Unforgiven’ by Metallica.

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