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Viral Video – Filming

Thursday 18th November 2010

Organisation, problem solving and last minute Directorial changes

The day of filming has arrived and with it an endless list of problems and minor hurdles to negotiate. With the assistance of a good team these organisational issues were eventually solved including a major hurdle that being the closing of the road where we are shooting the video. This meant we had less than half the time we had allotted to the shoot actually available to us on the night.

Flag carrier all lit up

Directorial Change: I made one last minute and possibly the most significant change to the filming process on the night and that was to position a camera and operator in the rear of my car. Initially we were going to only use the GoPro camera to film the cycles following the car along the promenade but as we had had too little time with this camera I decided we could not totally rely on it to produce the results required. In addition I felt that a manually operated camera would be more flexible and could select a variety of different shots I wanted adding to the effect of the bike chase scene.

We still used the GoPro camera and affixed it to the tailgate of my car which now in the open position meant we had added another factor/perspective to the film by giving a high angle shot of the cycle chase along the promenade.

Lee Tucker the Creative Director made some last minute and what would turn out to be significant purchases, the first was a large flag which we fitted to a fibreglass pole I’d brought with me and the second was 2 sets of battery powered lights which we used to decorate the Flag carrier ‘Jack Driver’ a recent and significant member of our team. With just 2 hours to go and so much to do Michael Moore ‘Producer’ was setting up cameras and at the same time making the Flag and Euan Macquisten working on setting up the second camera and the small tripod to be used in the car.

On the night at Bournemouth Pier

With just 15 minutes to go until the allotted time of the shoot to start the only people there were us, there was no sign of any cyclists but we carried on setting up the equipment and making last minute changes to camera positions to get the shots we wanted. Then the first cyclist arrived, then another and another. As if from nowhere we were suddenly joined by around 30 cyclists including a unicyclist who’d cycled miles to be there.

With the assistance of two of Michaels friends we all began snapping Glow sticks bringing them to life and fixing them to the cycles frames and wheels. With 100’s of these attached suddenly we began to see the effect we had envisaged from the start. With Jack draped in the battery powered lights we switched them on and suddenly we began to believe that it would all come together.

to be continued:-

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