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Viral Videos – Final planning and last minute marketing

Viral Videos

Wednesday 17th November 2010

Location Change – Updated Filming Permission

Viral Videos - Storyboard

Viral Videos - Storyboard

The penultimate day before filming commenced identified how much there was still to do.

A modified permission form was duly completed signed and returned to Bournemouth Councils Events department for consideration. This modified permission form now gave us permission to film at Bournemouth’s Pier Approach, although this does not allow cycling but does allow us to use this location as the assembly point for the cyclists rather than Boscombe Pier and this also gives us an opportunity to film the preparation of the cycles in a secure traffic free location.

Last minute marketing – Viral Videos

It was time to use our network of contacts to promote the event and also to make use of Social Websites to reach those people we would be unable to reach any other way. A Public Event was created on Facebook inviting people to join us on the evening with their bikes and hopefully in costume. We each then invited a selection of friend’s to the event and hopefully they in turn passed this onto as many of their friends.

We then contacted the AUCB Student Union and requested that they send out an all students email to promote the event and of course inviting as many as possible to attend with their bicycles.

Finally we contacted bicycle clubs and cycle interest clubs in the local area to see if any of their members would be interested in taking part.

Props and casting – Viral Videos

Surprisingly it proved difficult to source a Flag of any description from within the University departments or indeed any resources within the AUCB which meant we had to look elsewhere for a flag. We eventually managed to source a number of Flags from individuals but have yet to decide on which one to use on the evening, leaving this decision until after the initial trials have been completed and deferring the final decision until the last minute. Final decision could be made on the evening itself to see which Flag would work the best in low light conditions.

A key member of the cast for the project would be the lead cyclist as they would be both holding the flag and would also be leading the group of cycles along the chosen route.

Fortunately another student within FdA Digital Media Production (Jack Driver) is an enthusiastic cyclist and he volunteered to be our flag carrier.

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