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Viral Video – First Edit in Premiere Pro

Tuesday 23rd November 2010

Deciding what footage to use

Reviewing the initial experimentation (See previous Blog) using Premiere Pro it soon became obvious that we were in the lucky position of having almost too much footage for a Viral Video. I decided to approach the next trial with the aim of keeping the total run time of the video to be around 3.30 minutes to a maximum of 5 minutes. Looking through all the footage taken and thought that there was in fact two possible productions that could be produced. One concentrating on the actual cycling footage and the other could be effectively the making of a Viral Video.

The soundtrack


I experimented with several possible soundtracks and in fact spent an additional evening with the iPod running on Shuffle Mode and making notes of suitable tracks that I had not originally considered. Surprisingly although the original soundtrack I had thought of, that is ‘Saint Saéns  – Carnival of the Animals still remained a strong choice, but several other music tracks also became possibilities. In fact the choice of soundtrack totally changed the feel of the video and also the target audience.

My new choice of soundtrack chosen both for it’s pace and it’s slightly aggressive tone was ‘Hash Pipe’ by Weezer, with a run time of just over 3 minutes seemed to fill the requirement very well and this also gave me a target for editing the video footage.

Putting it together

The first edit came together more easily once the time constraints were in place. It all came down to what could be kept using a runtime of the soundtrack of 3 minutes as a guide, it soon became clear  that it would difficult to keep all the footage that I thought was important to the film in and yet still stay within the runtime. After hours in fact the best part of the day I had a rough edit and could then turn my attention to improving the quality of video footage. Due to the necessity of filming at night using available light it was necessary to look at improving the brightness. A mixture of Lighting Effects and adjusting the overall brightness and contrast worked the best, slightly degrading the image quality but a good balance.

What Next?

I’ve had several ideas for adding additional visual effects which will need further investigation and research. One was to insert still images  depicting a sequence in the film but looking like photographs complete with  white borders turning each still a few degrees with the whole sequence moving through 30 degrees. Another was to attempt a sort of time lapse on flag carrier at one point looking like multiple images coming together into one.

to be continued:-

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