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Viral Video – Permission granted for alternative location

Friday 12th November 2010

Permission Granted

With the original location for the Viral Video ruled out because we were unable to secure permission to film, the alternative location of Boscombe Pier approach and the Undercliff road were deemed acceptable and permission to film granted.

With the loss of access to filming some of Bournemouth’s Landmarks the film will instead concentrate on the action, that is the cyclists, the costumes and the lighting effects. I suspect that the film will be successful and could assist in determining whether a sequel possibly filmed in the spring/summer would be even more successful both in attracting larger numbers of participants and allow us to broaden the areas to film.

But for this production the idea is to get as much footage as possible on the cyclists, in particular close ups of the cycles, getting a feel for the movement and the effects created by the lighting.

This will be a learning process with many obstacles to overcome, possibly the most challenging will be filming at night without providing any additional lighting. There will also be the opportunity to film using several technologies from Mobile Phone cameras, Pocket HD Cameras, the GoPro and the Sony Z5 HD Cameras hopefully fitted with the Digital backs rather than Tape.

The idea is to experiment with camera positions particularly with the GoPro which can positioned on the back of the bikes on a car and with the addition of mounting it on a pole provide a raised height perspective which could add a unique look to the final film.

Map picture

Permission and Risk Assessment Documents

Download All Document from Skydrive click here

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