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Viral Video – Trials and Tribulations

With deadlines approaching and Filming permissions still to be granted the team worked on the film locations, the routes that the cycles will take through

Bournemouth Pier Approach

Bournemouth and filming locations. Lee and Michael worked on putting together Aerial maps and marking in the route ready to send onto the Council.

With these requirements identified I worked on completing the Filming permission forms and sent these with the maps off to Bournemouth Council for approval. After a number of emails requesting additional information the final email from Bournemouth Council declined the team permission to film in the designated areas because they are no cycling areas. Very disappointing as we were seeking permission to not only film in this location but also permission to cycle in these areas because we knew these areas were usually no cycling areas.

So we need to come up with an alternative location which everyone involved can not only get to but which also meets filming requirement’s, but and unfortunately so without being able to film in the Landmark areas of Bournemouth’s Lower Gardens and Pier Approach it is difficult to see how our film could still be representative of Bournemouth.

On a positive note initial trials of the Hero GoPro camera went well – Michael is to test the camera at night to see how it performs in the available light we shall most probably experience during filming.

We also made a decision on the additional Lighting we were planning to get the cyclists to wear or add to their cycles. Rather than go for LED lighting powered by battery we decided to use Glow sticks, or to be specific Glow Bracelets. A search of the Internet identified a number of sources for these but none local and so following a telephone conversation with a supplier who offered a 20% discount for Education, 300 Glow Bracelets were ordered at a minimal cost.

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