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Website Design – Assignment, Publish a Website

Describe the processes involved in publishing a website onto the Internet. Summarise your understanding of online hosting services and the importance of having a web presence.

1, Obtain a URL and hosting account.

1st task completed by purchasing the domain , Which I hosted at I chose this hosting company based on research and experience of having used this hosting company previously so I decided to use them for future hosting of site and purchase of the domain name. All the transactions were carried out online and then using the control panel I setup the web and email forwarding for the domain. I used the masking settings to forward the domain to some free web space where the site would be hosted temporarily – this can be anywhere for example a free hosting service which is what I used or even a subdomain of an existing website. Email forwarding was setup for a free web based email client which in this case was to a Gmail account. Hosting Hosting

2, Publish your website using a file manager, FTP, HTML.

Published website using ftp software:-

Core FTP Lite (Free FTP software which can be downloaded from:-

FTP Software download

FTP Software download

Using this free software it took just a few minutes to upload the entire website to its online hosting account. The application looks very similar to a PC’s explorer or MACs Finder application with the left side of the screen being the location of the local files and the right side the online location. You simply select all the files, directories, images, video and audio files on the left side of the screen and tell the application to transfer them queue for upload to the online side.

3, Submit your website to a search engine for listing and optimisation.

Web pages titles and keywords were added to each page for optimisation purposes.

Google Website Submission

Google Website Submission

Investigated the keywords and titles which would best optimise the site for searches on Google and added this information to the Header section of each of the web pages. Once this was done went online to Googles URL submission pages for addition to their next search update. Repeated this for other search sites including Microsoft’s BING.

4. Summarise your understanding of online hosting services to obtain a web presence:

  • Space
  • Bandwidth
  • E-commerce
  • Pop3 accounts


This refers to the amount of storage capacity supplied when either purchasing or made available with free hosting services. This can vary greatly between hosting companies but typically is around 2Gb. This is usually more than enough for most websites unless the site is for e-commerce purposes in which case a large number of images are held online, together with a database for example MySQL. Fortunately there are ways around storage limitations for example linking to offsite images, video’s etc. which can be hosted on free sites such as Youtube (Videos) and Flickr for images/photographs etc.


Bandwidth or more correctly data transfer rate is a measure of the amount of data transferred from one point to another over a given period of time. For web hosting a limit is usually applied for example a starter package is usually 2G (2 Gigabytes) per month. Ideally when looking for a web hosting company it is good idea to specify the highest bandwidth that you can. For instance, if you had say three 10k (10 kilobytes) images on your index page and a 2k HTML file, you would have 32k of data on that page. Multiply that by the number of expected page views that is the number of people looking at that page for example 100,000 per month and you get 3.2 G of data to be transferred that month just for that page. You then need to make a similar calculation for each of the sites other web pages to get the overall figure for your bandwidth requirement.


A simple definition of e-commerce would be conducting business online. There are many elements to an e-commerce web site; one of the key elements would be the e-commerce software. This would be needed to carry out all the functions of an online business for example a database to hold product information, to then display the product information, process transactions and to manage ordering of replacement product. This software resides on what is termed a commerce server which will also run or work in partnership with a secure payments system.

Pop3 accounts

POP or Post Office Protocol version 3 is the most current version of the protocol for receiving emails as opposed to SMTP Protocol or Simple Mail Transfer Protocol which is the protocol for sending emails on the internet. You can substitute the word format for protocol and therefore it means that the data or request for data will be in the required format which is common across the internet. The post office refers the pop server where email is held until a request is made by your email software to download the messages.

5. Explain the advantages of having a web presence.

There are many advantages to having a web presence, for example from a purely social benefit, examples being MySpace which allows you to share personal information with other MySpace users, to showcase videos, music and photographs not only to other MySpace users but to the Internet as a whole as search engines such as Google will index these web sites. However for a business it is now essential to have a web presence for not only advertising your business to potential customers but also as a means of validating a business, providing contact information or product listings etc.

For a Media Professional a web presence is vital, to be able to present themselves and their skills and abilities on the Internet where it is certain that customers or potential customers would look first or indeed only look on the internet when seeking a media professional or media skills and services. A web presence means that information can be updated immediately and therefore should always be current unlike a paper based CV or brochure which is only accurate on the date it was produced.

6. Review the completed website against your original brief [in assignment 1]. Evaluate its fitness for purpose. Review the quality of the published website with reference to the original brief.

The final web site exceeded the personal expectations set by the original brief, after having gone through several stages of design before deciding on the final design, in due consideration of the features and presentation of information for each of the web pages being finalised, again after several trails and designs before being satisfied with the overall final design. - Home Page - Home Page - Home Page - About Me Page - About Me Page - Animation Page - Animation Page - Graphics page – Graphics page - Video page - Video page - Website Design page - Website Design page

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