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Website Traffic

My Blog website has been up and running for 3 months now and so I thought lets have a look at the web statistics and see what are the most popular posts, search engine terms and categories – that is, SEO and Website Traffic Analysis.

The Numbers – Website Traffic

Website Traffic

Website Traffic

There has been over 3,000 new visitors during this 3 months, that’s an easy equation to see that I get an average of over a 1,000 visitors a month. That’s unique visitors, my visits are not counted and I’m not including re-visits, although I have this information to hand via Google Analytics.

Search Terms – Website Traffic

The Big surprise is what visitors are entering into the Google search box to land on my Blog. Mostly they are seeking the keywords found in the Media Studies, Film Studies and English Posts that I produced while attending Bournemouth & Poole College. I can only assume that there are a lot of Media Studies students out there looking for inspiration/guidance for their assignments (don’t copy me guys I was OK but not amazing at College). This is followed by Images of Harry Potter Book Covers or Film Poster examples. One odd search term is for one of my BPC lecturers by name but I suspect that Philip is searching for his own name to see what I have written on my Blog Posts (Nothing Bad  – I promise Philip).

Here is today’s keyword listings

fight club scene 3
final cut express 3 snapshot 2
philip shakeshaft 2
curley punches lenny of mice and men 2
goblet of fire book cover 2
hipstamatic to pc 1
ultimate force 1
hipstamatic pc 1
curley punches lennie of mice and men 1

For the last 7 days

Home page 136
Photoscape – Giving your photos that Hipstamatic retro look 45
Media Studies – Semiotic Codes 18
Media Studies – Effectiveness of Media Texts and use of Language 15
Ian Hunt AUCB Digital Media Production 8
Graphic Design – Research Portfolio 5
English – Assignment: Short Story 4
Digital Sound – Music and Audio, Digital Sampling 4
Graphic Design – Typography – Book Covers 4
Moving Image – Storyboards 4
Head Tracking using a Laptop/Netbook. Webcam Tracking 3
English – Assignment: Discuss how emotions are portrayed in three literary texts 3
iLike this 2
Green Screen – A Midsummer Nights Dream 2
Hipstamatic photography without using an iPhone for your MAC – Image Tricks 2
Video – Ophelia Project, Studio Lighting Setup 1
Website Design – WordPress on your MAC 1
Computer Graphics for Animation and Film – Animation Storyboard 1

Where are they coming from?

Easily, most visitors are being directed to my Blog via Google but since adding automatic posting of new Blogs to my Facebook wall and dedicated Facebook Page I have started to see visitor growth from Facebook. Although there is a long way to go before Facebook visitor numbers can catch up with Google referrals.

The SEO Plan – Website Traffic

I now have SEO software with control over individual Posts including Titles, Keywords and Meta Descriptions, armed with this I should be able to better target my audience and hopefully raise the profile of the work I am now doing at University. After all the majority of the Media Studies posts are now 2 years old and hopefully I have progressed since these were added.

Conclusions – Website Traffic

SEO and Website Traffic Analysis, why this is important? basically you want visitors to your website, but you also want to target your audience. It is no good just aiming for the most traffic all this creates is visitors that quickly lose interest and move on which effects your bounce rate. I’m happy that most visitors to my website stay to read more than one post and watch a video or look through the photographs on the site. The current bounce rate is a relatively low 58%.

Of course the whole point of the Blog is to not only showcase my work for University assessment but also to present a portfolio of work to potential employers and clients.  SEO and Website Traffic Analysis helps me to do this making sure that I deliver my content to the right audience.

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