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Work Placement – Planning the weekly appointments

Friday 6th May 2011

Usually on a Friday I log into my jobs account and see the available jobs for the following week, which I can accept of reject as I choose usually depending on the type of work, location and price. I also have to factor in our own work commitment’s and any long standing service arrangements we have.

Typically I am only able to accept one or two jobs a day due to University commitment’s, but over the summer months I’ll be able to take on more of these jobs.

This is an example list of the sort of jobs we can expect to receive at any one time. There is another list which relates to the Audio Visual installations including Home Cinema set-ups and large screen TV installs.

LifeStyle Computers - Online Work Orders and Weekly Job Listings

LifeStyle Computers - Online Work Orders and Weekly Job Listings


In addition to this job list we also receive emails on a daily basis for new jobs and proposed long term installations which come in as the week progresses. We can also choose to accept or decline these depending on workload.

On top of all this we also receive a number of calls each day from new customers seeking a new PC or Laptop, support and/or upgrades which we fit in around all the other work. We also have to produce quotations for Small to Medium Network Installations on a regular basis.

As you can imagine sometimes the workload can be overwhelming and therefore we have to pass work onto our business partners or engage contractors when required or indeed pass jobs by.

There are lots of negatives with being self-employed but one of the big positives in working for yourself is you get to choose which jobs to do or not. Of course this only applies once you have achieved the minimum income level for that week.

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